Roof snow removal for commercial, industrial or institutional buildings

Roof snow removal for commercial, industrial or institutional buildings

Roof snow removal for commercial, industrial, or institutional buildings requires expert know-how. Our roofers have not only mastered snow-removal techniques appropriate for such buildings, but also have the right equipment to reach the heights necessary and to not damage materials in the process.

Customized Services

We have been experts in the field of commercial, industrial, and institutional roofing, including roof snow removal, since 1976. We provide our customers with roof snow-removal services tailored to their specific needs and their type of roof.

Whether it is a shopping centre, a restaurant, a condominium, or any other type of building, whether your roof is flat or sloped, we have the equipment and expertise needed to carry out your roof snow removal safely and efficiently in keeping with the most rigorous standards of the CSST and overseen by our prevention mutual, Gestess.

Why Choose Us?

Having worked on many major projects, we are intimately familiar with all the different types of commercial, industrial, and institutional roofing and know how materials behave during the cold season.

That's why you can rely on us completely to take charge of your roof snow removal, regardless of its consistency, depth, and the outdoor temperature!

The Importance of Roof Snow Removal

To protect the safety of its customers or its users, every company or institution must assure the snow removal of its roof. Indeed, the accumulation of snow on the roof can be a serious risk to the security of your occupants and your property, in addition to invalidating certain insurance clauses.

So do not wait until the snow piles up on your roof before calling us. Snow removal from commercial, industrial, and institutional roofs requires the special care that our experts can offer you.

Want to know more about our services?

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